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Voting is Important! Here's Why We're Voting

Chardelene: Political efficacy is defined by a citizen’s trust in the government and the belief in their ability to influence political affairs. The higher sense of political efficacy a person has, the more likely they are to involve themselves in politics and more importantly, vote

Throughout time, there have been gradual declines in political efficacy, public trust in the government, and voter turnout rates. During the 2016 presidential elections, only sixty percent of eligible voters casted their ballots. That’s about 100 million people who didn’t vote. 

According to Axios, the 2020 Presidential election is going to be one for the books. This year, Gen Z voters will surpass the Silent Generation’s share of the electorate. There are going to be twenty-four million eligible Gen Z voters, and for the first time, Americans born after 9/11 will be voting for the President of the United States.

That’s us. We are Gen Z. And we have the power to facilitate change. We may be young, but we are more than ready to project our voices. The youth vote is vital to this election, and elected officials are more likely to address issues concerning young adults if they see a larger turnout within our age group.

For more information, stop by this part of the March for Our Lives Houston website for voter resources for this coming election. It includes details about registering by mail or in person, voter requirements, and much more. If you won’t be eligible to vote this year, don’t worry! You can still help out by encouraging others to vote, actively learning about political issues, and volunteering to be a poll worker. Click here for more information about working the polls and how to apply.

We have the ability to speak out for the changes we so passionately work toward. This November, I will be using my voice and casting my vote. Will you?

Cole: Voting is an integral part of our governmental procedures, ensuring that all members of our nation are represented to the best of any politician's ability. I am voting to break the persistent, perpetuating systemic injustices that minority groups face in this country. I am voting to further encourage others to vote as well. I am voting to incite change. The reason behind voting is something that differs across each individual, but our goals should be the same: to elect those which we feel will represent every single person throughout our country in the most accurate, appropriate way. Please, please, please register to vote if you are eligible. We need everyone to use their voices on Tuesday, November 3rd. You have the capacity to create insurmountable change, do not waste it. 

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