About us

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We have been hard at work since February 20 of 2018, which was 2 days after March For Our Lives was announced. Our goal was simple: create a safer Houston and Texas. Since then we have hosted town halls, rallies, and community events. We have lobbied in Austin and actively worked in our community!

CD 02: Rep. Daniel Crenshaw

CD 08: Rep. Kevin Brady

CD 10: Rep. Michael McCaul

CD 14: Rep. Randy Weber

CD 22: Rep. Pete Olson

CD 36: Rep. Brian Babin

These local US Congressional Representatives voted NO on H.R.8, the bipartisan universal background check bill. 97% of Americans* support universal background-checks. Ask yourself next time you go to vote, is your representative really representing their people?

*source: 97 % of Americans support universal background checks



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5 things we are advocating for in Texas:

1. Universal Background Checks

2. Intervention Programs

3. Safe Storage and Gun Theft Reporting

4. Extreme Risk Protection Orders

5. Funding for gun violence research 

We believe that we can make Houston and Texas the best community it can be if we have these measures in place. Additionally with the 10 points we are advocating for nationally, the chances of a safer America are closer than ever!