Meet our Team

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Kathleen hoang


My name is Kathleen Hoang from Cypress Lakes High School and I am the Co-Executive Director of March For Our Lives Houston. I joined the movement because I was angry that so many young Americans had to go to school fearing for their lives and in the hopes that I, along with the many others in this organization, could create a powerful, diverse coalition of youth to demand sensible gun policy that saves lives.

Co-Executive director


Hi! My name is George Tataris and I am the Co-Executive Director of MFOLH. What initially drew me to the organization was my desire to do something that would better my community. It is absolutely sickening to see hundreds of gun violence victims lose their lives each year when they could have been saved by common-sense gun laws. I hope you will join us in our mission for a safer and more equitable community!


Jessica Chen

Co-Executive director


hey!! my name is jessica chen and i’m a student at seven lakes high school in katy, texas. i joined march for our lives houston to be a part of an extremely dedicated group of youth advocates and fight together to create a better, safer community - one in which schools are places of learning and inspiration, not fear.

creatives co-lead

Ariel Gilmore

hey! My name is Ariel Gilmore and I attend Cypress Woods High School. I am the Creative co-lead alongside Jessica. I joined March For Our Lives  Houston because I felt as though I needed to be a part of anything possible to make a positive change regarding issues I feel deeply about.


Creatives co-lead

Vidya muthupillai


Hi!! I’m Vidya Muthupillai, a student at Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland, Texas. I joined March For Our Lives in 2018 after the school walkouts to take part in the redefining what activism looks like for our generation.

events CO-lead

Shaili Shouche


Hi! My name is Shaili Shouche from Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland, Texas. I joined March For Our Lives Houston to help draw attention to pressing issues in our society and help create a positive change in my city.

finance lead


Hey everyone! My name is Nadia Toh, and I am an Events Co-Lead next to Vidya. I’m a junior at Bellaire High School, where a shooting happened last year that impacted the way I viewed gun violence. I joined March For Our Lives Houston in the summer of 2020 in order to make a positive change in Houston alongside a large group of proactive and dedicated people.



Erika Alvarez

Hi! My name is Erika Alvarez and I go to Cinco Ranch High School in Katy, TX. I am the current legislation lead for MFOLH because I think that GVP education must come hand in hand with advocacy.


legislation lead

Esme Ledezma


Howdy! My name is Esme Ledezma and I currently go to school at Victory Early College High School in Houston, Texas. I am the Outreach Co-Lead alongside the wonderful Cole! I joined March For Our Lives Houston from a community impacted by gun violence to help incite change, create a safer community and ensure everyone, especially those who are impacted, is heard.

Outreach CO-lead


Hello, my name is Cole Holladay! I am currently serving as Outreach Co-Lead alongside the most amazing Esme! I was attracted to this organization and its mission after experiencing multiple gun-related deaths of my peers. After these losses, I knew that I needed to strive to make a difference in my community. I am so humbled to be working within this organization and helping lead such a diverse, insightful, and committed group of individuals who are working to achieve our common goal of a safer community.



Ethan Fox


Heyo, my name is Ethan Fox and I am a junior at Ball High School in Galveston, Texas. I joined the March For Our Lives Houston chapter because I think student representation is essential on all issues facing our nation, especially gun violence.

social media CO-lead

Katherine chen

Hi!! My name is Katherine Chen, and I am a Social Media Co-Lead alongside Ethan. I joined March For Our Lives Houston because a shooting at my school took the life of one of my classmates. I believe that nothing like what I experienced should ever happen again, and I am proud to be part of a group of amazing individuals who feel the same


social media CO-LEAD

Allyson campos


Hi!! My name is Allyson Campos from Cypress Lakes High School. I joined March For Our Lives Houston because I wanted to join like-minded students in facing some of today's issues through activism and learning.

Executive secretary

eti gulati

Hello!! My name is Eti Gulati and I currently attend Shadow Creek High School. I joined March For Our Lives Houston to help amplify the youth’s perspective on pressing issues and to provide a safe space for community members to grieve and learn about the realities of gun violence.


Executive secretary