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Meet our Team

IMG_0481 - Manasi Saxena.jpeg

I joined March For Our Lives because it was so cool to see so many young people organizing for such an important cause. Learning about organizing from people around my age was so inspiring! MFOLH taught me that organizing isn't something that is done solely by adults, but by youth as well. Before I joined, I had never seen young people organizing and it was so cool to see that!

Manasi Saxena


IMG_2106 - Kendall Cooper.jpg

I joined the organization because I wanted an outlet to connect with other young adults and advocate for gun violence prevention. As I am passionate about social justice and public safety, MFOLH was a great place for me to address these issues as well as work on initiatives that help to better my community. MFOLH has a very diverse network of individuals who are great advocates of change and are genuinely kind people. I remember feeling very welcomed when I joined back in 2020, and I hope to carry on that same feeling to new members. Being a part of MFOLH has influenced me by making me more politically informed. Through various legislative projects, I have learned so much about public policy in this organization and also about what it means to be a youth activist.



58B13CB3-36BD-4B82-A47C-35C587CCB1D3 - Norah Tinsley.jpeg



I joined MFOLH to become more engaged in community activism, especially because gun violence is such an important issue to me . MFOLH has helped me understand how many different approaches to activism come together to address a problem. I love how fun it is to meet new people, especially since we all care about a central topic but have vastly different experiences!

0481870C-5DF5-45AE-9859-A943573CA773 - Mikhaila Reid.jpeg

I joined MFOLH because I had always been passionate about gun violence prevention and felt that it was important to get involved in order for things to change. I love the sense of community and our dedication to giving back to the community. It’s definitely pushed me way out of my comfort zone and made me more outspoken and civically engaged.

Mikhaila Reid


MFOLHpic - Ishan Patel.JPG



I joined March For Our Lives Houston to expand my knowledge about gun violence prevention in a group that can provide me a safe place to grow and better my community. My favorite thing about MFOLH is being part of a group that actively encourages one another to make a collective impact greater than one of us would have been able to on our own. MFOLH has helped me come out of my shell as everyone I've interacted with within the organization has been incredibly kind to me.

D126D2BE-7426-4C28-B87C-48C0255DE051 - Sarah Varghese.jpeg

I joined MFOLH so that I could give back to Houston through volunteer work. My favorite part about MFOLH is how inviting and fun the general calls and people are. MFOLH has pushed me to making a lasting impact on my community through activism.



6F427D6E-1854-44DE-A9D5-A37A5FEBFF43 - marisa kukeli.jpeg

I wanted to be more involved in my community and contribute to the change I would like to see. Being a part of MFOLH has made me more adept to political matters that affect my daily life & has improved my leadership and communication skills.



IMG_4557 - ana fazili.jpeg

Hi! My name is Ana Fazili and I am the Social Media Lead of MFOLH! I joined March for Our Lives Houston because I was horrified of seeing innocent people lose their lives to gun violence, something that could have easily been prevented with the right advocacy and legislation.

ana fazili


IMG_4410 - Asya Ardawatia.HEIC

I joined MFOLH because it is really important that I make a difference in my community by preventing gun violence. It has made me a more driven person and more passionate about standing up against gun violence.

ASya Ardawatia


8C9FC5B5-BE9F-4A17-93A2-6A0357ACAF44 - mujeebat.jpeg

I became a member of this organization in order to become more involved in my community. I also joined because I want my voice to be heard, and I also want to grow as a leader and activist. MFOLH has made me more committed and knowledgeable about significant social issues. I'm becoming a better person and my skills are improving because of MFOLH. MFOLH has motivated me to have more faith in myself and my abilities. It has helped me feel more at ease while also pushing me to improve my management and communication skills.



BEB9EA00-02CA-4AAE-BCD3-0B2197E095B4 - Jay Love.jpg

Gun violence and safety are issues that motivate me. As a youth growing up in a mass shooting and everyday violence epidemic, I feel that it is my duty to do what I can. It's amazing to be part of a large activist coalition that supports and advocates for the things that you really find important. Being able to work towards our shared goals is incredibly impactful and meaningful, and has certainly made me more motivated to help the community any way I can.



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