Meet our Team

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Katherine Chen

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My name is Katherine chen and I am the Co-Executive Director of March For Our Lives Houston. I joined MFOLH because a shooting at my school took the life of one of my classmates. I was angry at what happened and confused as to why adults didn’t seem to be doing anything different to prevent similar situations from happening. March for Our Lives has helped me redirect my anger and frustration to help prevent others from going through what I did.

Co-Executive director


Hi! My name is George Tataris and I am the Co-Executive Director of MFOLH. I joined MFOLH during the midst of the pandemic, in May 2020. It seemed like there was something to be said and something to be done about all the American and Houstonian community had to endure and I had never felt like there was an easier and more effective way to get involved. Being the ED of MFOLH has been an unbelievable experience that has only strengthened my desire to be part of this amazing group of people and change the Houston community for the better.

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Co-Executive director

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Ariel Gilmore

hey! My name is Ariel Gilmore and I attend Cypress Woods High School. I am one of the Creative co-leads. I joined the organization because I saw things that were happening in my community that I was appalled by, and I wanted to take action to fix those things. Before joining I felt hopeless and as though nothing would change, however, being in this organization taught me that we need to be the change to make things better.

Creatives co-lead


Hey everyone! My name is Nadia Toh, and I am one of the Logistics Co-Leads. I joined MFOLH after tragic shooting occurred at my school. I was sick of the constant gun violence and wanted to be a part of the movement making a difference in gun violence prevention, and I’m so glad I did.

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Cheryl Lee

Logisitcs CO-LEAD

Hi! I’m Cheryl Lee, one of the logistics co-leads. I joined the organization because I was still new to the world of activism and saw a strong knit community of youth activists in MFOLH! Everyone seemed really open and driven to accomplish their goals, whether that be activism related or not.

logistics CO-lead

Kenzie Kerneckel

Hi! My name is Kenzie Kerneckel and I'm Legislation Lead. I joined mfolh to get more involved in Houston politics and to meet other youth in the city interested in gvp advocacy.

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Meagan Tran

legislation lead

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Hi! My name is Meagan Tran and I am the Community & engagement lead of MFOLH. I joined MFOLH because I was really interested in GVP in middle school around the time March for Our Lives was originally founded. About a year ago, when a friend (shoutout to Cheryl!) told me about there being a Houston chapter, I decided to join!

C & E lead

Ana Fazili

Hi! My name is Ana Fazili and I am the social media Lead of mfolh! I joined March for our lives Houston because I was horrified of seeing innocent people lose their lives to gun violence, something that could have easily been prevented with the right advocacy and legislation.

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Social media lead

Allyson campos

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HI! my name is Allyson Campos and I am one of the executive secretaries! I joined this organization because i wanted to be involved in something that i knew would change lives.

executive secretary

Grace nitcheu

Hey! my name is Grace Nitcheu and I am one of the Executive secretaries. I chose to join MFOLH because I had a lot of friends who were already members and I saw a lot of them posting about the org. I started noticing the effects of gun violence in our city and wanted to get involved.

Executive secretary

Shaili Shouche

Hi! My name is Shaili Shouche, and I am the executive treasurer for march for our lives Houston. I joined MFOLH as a starting point for my activism journey. I had always been interested, but never really knew what to do with it. So, I decided to join MFOLH to be with teens who think like me and want to become better activists, community members, and leaders!

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Vivian Huynh

Creatives co-lead

hi! I'M Vivian Huynh and i am one of the creatives co-leads. I joined MFOLH after hearing about a fatal incident at bellaire high. I was concerned with the lack of action being taken, and decided to take up up an investigative article and dive into other incidents at the school, which eventually led me to join this org.

Executive treasurer