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Meet our Team

headshot - Asya Ardawatia.jpg

A very prominent passion of mine has always been social justice, fueled by a drive to change the injustices happening not only around the world but also in the city I was raised in, Houston. Gun violence has always been a severe problem, and unfortunately, it has only increased over the years. It is saddening to witness shootings and gun violence in the city I call home. This injustice and brutality have invigorated my dream of public service and my desire to raise awareness and educate our city about the gun violence epidemic. March for Our Lives was the perfect opportunity, as it took not only big steps in fighting these injustices, such as organizing mass rallies in Houston and Austin, but also smaller steps like mutual aid drives. When we impact people on an individual basis, we also create large-scale impacts. I believe we can continue with this trend, expand upon it, and make more progress in the Houston community. My favorite part is the family I have created here. Meeting new people and working so closely with the entire organization, especially the core team, has made me appreciate the world of social activism even more. I'm so grateful that everyday I get to meet and connect with individuals who are truly passionate about creating change in our community. MFOLH gave me a platform to amplify my voice and hone my skills in activism so I could actually create change and rally people to call for common-sense gun reform. I was able to learn about the different solutions and perspectives when it comes to gun violence and gun reform. When it comes to social justice and making positive change in our community, Margaret Mead summarizes it perfectly in the quote, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

asya ardawatia


Saami Bai.jpg.jpeg

I joined MFOLH to end the increasing gun violence that our nation and youth are facing every day. My neighbors were also murdered and the fear that my community witnessed following their deaths urged me to take action. I have never been in an organization that is entirely student led and directed. It is so amazing to meet dedicated and talented youth who are passionate about a cause and are able to make a tangible impact. MFOL is important to me because it platforms youth in various communities and it affords them the resources and connections to make a genuine impact in our communities. I have learned so much from MFOL. From learning how to communicate with legislators to speaking at protests, MFOL has truly grown my abilities in activism. 

saami baig



Caroline Dylewski


I joined MFOLH to find a proactive and productive way to advocate for an issue I care a lot about. So far, I have loved the opportunity to work with other like-minded students from across Houston and learn from their experiences. For me, MFOLH has completely redefined what it means to be involved in a cause as a young person. It allows me to connect with so many people, learn how to make my actions truly meaningful, and become more involved in my community.

36F980CF-84ED-4C3D-B99E-D84710BF5DE5 - lila elaine.jpeg

I joined MFOLH to further my advocacy against gun violence in my community. My favorite part of being in MFOLH is the sense of community and the way that despite our differences as individuals, we all have one collective goal as an organization. MFOLH has taught me the power of community when rallying for a cause, and as such has showed me the necessity of collaboration to reach a goal.

lila lawrence


IMG_3417 - Rayna Mathew.jpeg

rayna mathew


I joined MFOLH because of the opportunity to make a difference in my community to prevent gun violence. My favorite part of MFOLH is being able to give back to the community along with others who are passionate to create change. MFOLH is important to me because it allows me to be out of my comfort zone, and advocate for beliefs that I’m passionate about.

IMG_7204 - Sumedha Mohanty.jpg

I joined MFOLH as I see gun violence as a very important issue in the country today and I wanted to do my part in combating this issue by being a part of MFOLH! My favorite part of being a part of MFOLH is that I am able to work with like minded people who are also very passionate about making a difference in the community with the amount of gun violence we are seeing.MFOLH is important to me as being a part of it gives me a satisfying feeling that I am giving back to my community by doing my part. From MFOLH I have learned that there are so many ways that you can make an impact and even if ur may seem like a lot of work, at the end of the day, it is very impactful and helps towards saving lives. 

sumedha mohanty


addison photo.jpg

I joined MFOLH for advocacy of gun violence prevention. My favorite part of MFOLH is the people. It’s important to me because I’m still in school and I’m scared to go to school because of the abundance of guns around here.

addison primm


259DD9D5-0E03-44C7-8232-95BD495DD148 - Grace Wu.jpeg

I joined MFOLH because it offered an amazing outlet for me to advocate for changes I wanted to see within my community. With gun violence being an extremely prevalent issue within the US, I felt that it was very important for me to speak out and demand change from the lawmakers and legislators who have the power to implement the changes that we’ve been fighting for. The people!! The individuals that I’ve had the privilege to work with are some of the most brilliant, passionate, and driven people I’ve ever met. Being part of a group of teens who are deeply interested in activism and change is so amazing. Being in MFOLH has taught me about the importance of advocacy and activism as well as how I can make politically informed decisions and changes within my community. I’ve been able to branch out and learn how to speak to representatives and legislators about gun violence prevention.



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