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Meet the Bloggers! | Welcome to Our Blog

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Welcome to the MFOL Houston Blog!! We added this page to the website to share the opinions of some of our members and connect with the community by speaking about different issues and various happenings within MFOLH. 

Disclaimer: this blog does not represent the official platform or views of March For Our Lives Houston and only serves as a platform for members to speak on a variety of issues that may not otherwise be addressed. We’re really excited to share some of the great work that we do and open up the conversation on the topics that impact our communities. We’ll be posting weekly on different themes and allow all of our bloggers to offer their unique opinions so stay tuned!



Hi! I’m Vidya and I really enjoy writing in my free time! I’m known to be relatively opinionated so I’m quite excited to be a part of the website team contributing to the blog posts. In MFOLH I’m the Events lead, but I’m also involved in climate action and youth engagement!


Howdy y'all!! My name is Allyson and I am very excited to be writing for this blog. In MFOLH I am part of the Outreach and Social Media committee. My favorite artist is Harry Styles and I am a part of my school’s drill team.


Hello everybody! I’m Sarah and I’m super ecstatic to be a part of MFOLH’s website team as a blogger! Apart from being in this awesome team, I’m also a MFOL Texas Outreach & Partnership Co-Captain and am involved in Speech & Debate and in political campaigns in my free time. I can’t wait to engage in meaningful discourse about a variety of different subjects on our blog! 


Hey everyone, my name is Chardelene! In my free time, I enjoy going on runs, reading books, and writing. I am currently involved with MFOLH's Outreach and Social Media committees, and am thrilled to begin writing for the blog to share my thoughts and hear yours!


Hey guys, I’m Mysha! I’m currently a part of MFOLH’s social media, events, and creatives committee. I am very artistically active and by that I mean that I love to play instruments, draw and paint, photography, and I’m a theater kid. Astrology also interests me so if you're wondering, I’m a Taurus. I really look forward to writing this blog and sharing my thoughts and opinions with all of you :)


Hey y’all! My name is Alejandra and I’m very excited to be apart of MFOLH’s blogging team. When I’m not busy being the secretary for the legislation committee, I deeply enjoy listening to Harry Styles and watching Shark Tank.


Hello! I'm Esther, and I'm on the events committee of MFOLH! I'm excited to be able to contribute my perspectives and thoughts on this blog. Beyond GVP I'm also a passionate advocate for engineering education and encouraging diversity in the technology workforce!


Hi everyone! I’m Alexis and I’m a new member to MFOL and a part of the Social Media and Creatives committees. A little bit about me; my favorite color is yellow, I love being in nature, and my favorite food is sushi. I’m excited to share my opinions and perspectives on this blog!

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