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Email Banking Script


Hello, _____,

My name is ______ and I’m writing on behalf of March for Our Lives Houston,a non-profit, youth-led organization that aims to proactively reduce gun violence in our communities, which also includes police brutality.

In light of the recent murder of George Floyd and the protests that occurred in Houston, I am calling on you and all of City Council to vote in favor of the amendments to the city budget proposed by Council Member Leticia Plummer.

We also continue to ask for accountability and body camera footage of the murders by police of Adrian Medearis, Nicholas Chavez, Christopher Aguirre, Randy Lewis, Rayshard Scales, and Joshua Johnson.

Please consider supporting your colleague Councilmember Plummer’s budget amendments which speak to some of our demands, including holding police to higher levels of accountability by banning chokeholds, repurposing funding for an independent police oversight board, and demanding de-escalation tactics to be used. 

Before you vote on June 10th, we ask that you consider all these factors before voting for the almost $1 billion budget for HPD that accounts for 17.2% of our city budget. Our communities deserve to feel safe and protected and that can be accomplished through funding for health and human services, public housing, mental healthcare--not always police. Remember that not all communities, especially black and brown ones, feel safe calling the police in a time of emergency. This money could be put to use more efficiently and I have confidence that it would be a huge benefit for the city of Houston should it be redistributed.

Thank you.

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